Hi! We are GSG.
GStream Group.


A consulting firm experienced in management consulting on operations and IT infrastructures, with our biggest client base being construction companies throughout north america. Our vast knowledge and experience in the field, allows us to be a valuable asset for any company looking to leverage, improve, streamline processes, regardless of the industry.

Some of the things we do:
  ●  Data preparation and best practices
  ●  Preconstruction layout and coordination with Engineering teams and layout crew
  ●  Analyze, identify and streamline processes to ensure best practices are implemented
  ●  Coordinate with Operations on the projects needs for equipment, crews and data
  ●  Assess each departments needs and implement software or simple processes to maximize cost per widget
  ●  Determine server load capacity and identify required upgrades to handle company growth
  ●  Identify any process redundancies and implement or develop, when needed, automated processes


Consulted for many companies throughout the world for a variety of skills.
  ●  Trained personnel on field layout using Robotic Total Stations for efficient BIM to Field deployment
  ●  Developed and deployed a SaaS application to monitor and manage cost/personnel allocation on all job sites, with multiple daily syncs, fully integrated with time tracking application
  ●  Developed and deployed an Applicant Tracking System to assist the recruiting department, fully catered to clients’ current needs
  ●  Developed and deployed a software for the career development department to evaluate and track progress of selected skills for the field personnel


Had the privilege to work with many companies such as Plan Group (Toronto Canada), Black & McDonald (Ottawa Canada), Oregon Electric (Portland OR), Western States Fire Protection (San Francisco, CA), Young & Pratt Mechanical (Austin, TX), Cofely Adelt (Toronto, Canada) & more.


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